Add or enable 'Keyring' or 'wallet' for xfce?

I would like to improve privacy/security a bit more.
When I had KDE desktop (if I remember correctly), on opening a browser I had to input another password, I felt I could use Opera/Firefox/Vivaldi to save passwords this way. I don’t have this now, is it a feature I can just enable or do I have install a ‘keyring’ or ‘wallet’?

Try KeePassXC, it’s wonderful. You need a Firefox plugin for it, too.

If you want to use a password manager for Xfce, gnome-keyring is also an alternative.

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I already use keepassxc, another user in the household finds it awkward and wants to use the browser for saving passwords.

Thanks, gnome-keyring with seahorse, looks good, and I can see and manage all other keys too.

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I’m glad your question was resolved. It is also worth adding that it is solved in the title of the topic.

If you open XFCE settings manager, in the Sessions & Startup section you can start Gnome utilities (I know this is not what it says, but I am at work and can’t remember) or KDE utilities daemons. This will automatically start gnome-keyring or KDE-Wallet and such stuff for you.


That’s useful to know, I’ve seen those options and wondered just what would be loaded, thanks for the explanation.

I’ve already explicitly installed gnome-keyring now on the one laptop in question, and it does what was wanted, an extra password before the browser will open.

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