Add option for systemd-boot to the future installer

One feature that I miss in EndeavourOS in the installer is support for systemd-boot besides grub. I’ve used Antergos in the past and it worked always quite nice, so I hope that this will be integrated soon.

I agree. I prefer the systemd-boot to grub, though I don’t know why!!

First of all welcome to the community and thank you for the feedback.
We will take this request in serious consideration but don’t expect this to be happening this year. There are still some other tasks to be taken care of and if you read our latest announcement we are temporarily short of man power at the moment.

Why wait if you want systemd-boot see:

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My request was to make it available in the installer and not to install it by myself. I can install Arch Linux as well just fine, but Antergos was really convenient and I do believe there is potential in EndeavourOS to become a good replacement.

we do not develop the installer like Antergos does.
We are using calamares
To get systemd boot available it would need to be implemented by upstream development.
Or we would need to code this on our own what may/work/happen or will be done somehow in one of all the possible futures :wink:
→ you could code this and contribute to EndeavourOS?

EndeavourOS is not a replacement/clone for Antergos we do follow a different way on development and of cause on the way it works for our users.

As we say like 100 times before we do not want to grow massive on options and on providing a mass of packages extra to the Archrepositories, we need to keep our workload on maintainment and development as minimal as possible, to have ISO and System stable as a stone.

On SystemD boot i can say that i think it will be implemented in the future by calamares developers, as it will be more and more the way to boot on modern systems.


systemd-boot or bootctl is provided as a core package with systemd in Arch Linux. As such it would help to keep development as minimal as possible, grub is just really painful to use at least for me as a normal user. But I understand it is a calamares bug. So we can close this as an upstream issue.

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–> upstream issue at calamares