Add keyboard layout in Gnome

Good morning friends.
I have a problem with my external keyboard. I use a laptop with a Spanish keyboard with a Latin layout, but one day several keys stopped working, so I bought a wireless keyboard to replace the one on the computer, but the one I bought has a Spanish layout from Spain, so I need to add this to the input sources, but I can’t find how to do it.
Can anybody help me?
I use gnome
I have tried through the configuration, but the layout I am looking for does not appear.
I have also tried following some tutorials that I found on the internet, without results.
I appreciate your help in advance.

Have you tried: Settings > Keyboard Input Sources > Add Input Source… > click on the three vertical points > Other > scroll down to Spanish layouts

The two keyboard’s layouts above correspond to Spanish and Spanish (
Dvorak) respectively in the first picture.