Add custom menu in Plasma launcher

Hello gents, have some trouble wrapping my head around this particular problem.
What I want:

Add/create a custom entry for Plasma launcher

I highlighted the place where I want to add my custom entry

I can create a new submenu or new entry, but they will be visible only when I will open their parent menu. What I want is to add a custom parent (System, Utilities, Office) menu to which I’ll add some custom software.
Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

you using kmenuedit ?.

yes, as default the kmenuedit comes with plasma, but within the kmenuedit i can’t create a new custom parent menu, or i didn’t find out how

i think here was also sort question or solution seems not trough kmenuedit

The link offers to do by CLI what kmenuedit does.
I can create menu entries or submenu, but NOT parent menus like System, Internet, Multimedia.
This is what i want,

I managed to create a category or menu on the toplevel with KDE-Menu-Editor.

I created the submenu (Endeavour) at the bottom of the mainmenu and moved it up to the place where I wanted it to be. The entry appeared after another entry inside that menu were created.
I hope my description is kinda understandeable.

@Anticupidon I think you can just click on the application launcher, go to applications, right click on all applications, click on edit applications, click on new item or new submenu item.

Edit: I think this is what @DevNul is saying to do.

Ehm, not exactly. :slight_smile:
First a link to the different application launchers for general information:

I did it the following way. Opened kmenuedit with the help of KRunner. On the left side in Kmenueditor I choosed the last entry “help” so it was highlighted. Then I added a submenu plus another entry in that submenu. I entered a command for the menu entry und moved the submenu up. If I didn’t add a command for an entry it disappears after a new login to Plasma.
Saved it and logged out and back in and voilá… :wink:

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After a few clumsy fidgeting, I did it .
I t was a bit in-your-face situation, but it’s solved.
Thanks guys!

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