Active Directory Integration (Windows Domain)

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I would like to ask for help to integrate a machine with EndeveorsOS in a Windows domain. I followed the step by step contained in the arch linux wiki, but success. I’m working on a project and it would be essential to integrate EndeveorsOS. I’ve already had success integrating Ubuntu and the like, but they’re nowhere near the same performance and ease of use in terms of installing software via a repository, etc. Can anyone help me?


I looked at that wiki article and… Oof. AD integration involves configuring:

  • Samba
  • DNS
  • Kerberos
  • NTP

Which can be tricky, if not frustratingly difficult to configure correctly by themselves. It also looks like ubuntu has a tool specifically to make this easier on ubuntu called ADsys. If you still have the ubuntu machine, the fastest way to get EOS setup might be to reference the same configs mentioned in the arch wiki article from the ubuntu machine(beware, locations may be different between the two systems), compare them with what you have in EOS, and see what the differences are.

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You can easily join machines like Ubuntu to the windows domain using a tool called “cid-gtk”. It’s pretty efficient. I compiled it for arch, entered the domain, but I can’t authenticate in this case. Now, I’m going to try using a tool called “Realmd” along with another SSSD call to join the domain and then I’ll tell you if it worked or not.

I was able to integrate Endeavors into the Windows domain. Tools you will need:

  1. realmd

  2. SSSD-git

  3. (this script for patching)

  4. Change lightdm configurations (only for XFCE4, in lightdm.conf)



save and reboot the machine

try logging in as your.domain@username :grinning:

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