Activate numpad at start

On Manjaro or Arcolinux it was easy to activate the numeric keypad by editing the sddm.conf file
But what can be done in endeavouros because the file is empty?

I assume you mean numlock rather than the entire numpad (which is a separate part of the keyboard and therefore is active by default), therefore:


Hi jonathon yes. i see this page later because now i must go to sleep :wink:

Don’t worry, this is a web forum so I don’t expect you to reply within 10 minutes. :wink:

Thank you to you because I dared not modify sddm.conf because at home it was empty. My problem is solved :wink: :+1:

Hi @LecrOs248

Glad you solved your issue!

Please consider to mark the actual post that helped you to solve the problem as solution. This will help other users searching the solution, to find the correct reference to it at the top of the thread.


“Thank you my problem is solved :+1:” is not an actual solution to the problem of turning on numlock at boot.

It is nice that you thanked the person who solved your problem, but you should mark his post, the post that actually solved your problem as the solution, not your own post that just says thankyou! This way you give proper credit to the person who helped you, and make it easier for everyone else to find the solution. Not doing so is selfish and rude.

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