[Acer Predator g9-592] Sound playing only via subwoofer


my problem is not Endeavour specific, as I also face it with pure Arch. The topic basically says it all - my laptop is Acer Predator G9-592 which comes with built in 2.1 speaker system, and all sound is coming out of subwoofer which in tests is recognized as ‘left front’.

I played with pavucontrol, alsamixer, but sound configuration isn’t the thing that I’m good at. I looked for soultions @ Arch wiki and forums, but didn’t found any good ones.

Could you guys help me to work it out?

Have you tried anything like this?


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Nice one, it actually works. The only thing is that I couldn’t test it on the fly, I had to “Install boot override” and then test. Thanks!

So this worked then? Wow … that’s cool. :blush: I read somewhere UEFI uses the esc key to display grub? Not sure though.

Yup that works just fine (cannot test whether the sub is playing or not - my kids are sleeping).
Don’t know how I missed that solution, perhaps not enough digging, maybe DuckDuck showed me some inacurate results…

Anyway, well done.

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So you got speakers working but not sure on whether the sub is also working i take it? Sometimes these solutions are hard to find. I’m used to skimming through stuff as there is so much garbage on the internet. I hope the sub works too.

Actually I just ran `speaker-test’ utlility which allows me to silently check wheter speakers are playing corrently, and something is wrong, I think front left is playing together with subwofer. I will play with setting maybe tomorrow and post solution if I’ll fix this. I suppose that its just about assigning correct pins to channels.

@patryk I see that there is some info here on sound problems that has been added in case you are still having issues.