Accidentally installed EOS EFI on Windows EFI

So I was installing EOS a few days back, and I accidentally installed EOS’s EFI partition on my Windows Partition (I believe, I’m 90% sure).

I bricked my EOS installation (playing around with power management, etc., no way to fix :/) and I wanted to start again from a completely new install. I have dual booted Windows, and my fake OCD wants me to remove the EFI partition (as I’m used to from Arch), and I was going to do it when I realized I can’t see EOS’s EFI.

Going back to the installer I have found that, by default, it installs EFI to /dev/nvme0n1 (where Windows Boot Mgr exists). This wasn’t an option I changed when I installed EOS, so I believe it automatically installed to that partition.

I tried multiple things, including BCDEdit, diskpart etc. from Windows with no luck. The only option left that I found was deleting the Windows EFI Partition and repairing it with Windows Installation Media. But I’m quite confused on how to do it.
I really want to see this option as a last resort unless someone else here doesn’t have an answer.

If someone here has an answer to my problem, or on how to delete and repair the EFI, or anything at all, feel free.
I am a newbie who started Linux in June so not very experienced.

EDIT: FYI I have deleted the main EOS partition from Windows’s partition manager.

I am not sure I understand what the actual problem you are trying to solve is.

EOS leveraged your existing EFI partition when it installed. You have removed the EOS partition.

What is the problem at this point?

EDIT: If you are worried about cleaning up, you just need to delete the extra files from the ESP. If you share the contents of that partition we can tell you which ones to delete.

If you share the contents of that partition we can tell you which ones to delete.

How do I check the contents of my partition?
I honestly have no idea. Like I said, all of this is quite new for me.

Thanks for helping, @dalto

EDIT: I just wanted to clean up my partitions because cleaning up always makes me feel better for some reason :upside_down_face:

Welcome to the forum! :smile:

First, could you show the output of this terminal command:

lsblk -fml

And to make the output more readable here, add a line of 3 backticks (```) before and after the output lines, for example:

copy the output here, between the lines of 3 backticks


Welp. Stupidly enough, after I tried installing another EOS Installation on another new efi partition, and having bricked it again 5 minutes ago while trying to install hyprland on Optimus, I deleted the new efi and OS partition. And, now, my boot mgr tells me the endeavouros entry isn’t there anymore (including the new efi, thankfully).

Something I noticed was booting into my new os was that the new install had the entry name of my SSD, probably because endeavouros was taken. But, both the problem entry and the new one booted properly into the same new installation for some reason? Anyways, it’s fixed now.

Thank you for the help, and sorry for any inconveniences!


EDIT: Thinking about now, I’m guessing something caused the boot mgr to hallucinate, or prob not, seeing that booting into endeavouros before I fixed this booted me into grub rescue>

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