Accessing website re-directs me to this page: We Cannot Process Your Request

I am trying to access a website. I’ve tried two browsers now. I even followed the instructions for firefox on allowing non-persistent cookies on firefox, but the setting is set correctly, as they requested. Is this an OS issue?

Can you access many other sites?

If yes, why do you think it’s an OS issue and not a site issue?

If not, which sites are you unable to access?

far out I wish I got that message. but never have.
anyways a couple thoughts:
–an about:config setting causing this?
–an extension causing this?
–how can you can you rule out the website being misconfigured today?
you could always move on I’d be willing to bet you could get the identical information (at this website) elsewhere.

a wild thought: maybe it was one of those goofy sites that ask you to config your own cookie policy [see this a lot–hate it] and somewhere you kept ‘essential’ but turned off ‘functional’ and now you can’t walk it back? edit: my scenario only works if you have visited a while back