Access to my router using SMB / Thunar

I’m a new user of EOS and I have several issues to get everything working.
For example, I can’t open the folder of my external HDD attached to my router.

In Thunar, smb:///, I click on the folder of my router but nothing happens.
The following packages are installed: gvfs, gvfs-smb and sshfs.

Thanks for your help.

Check that extra/cifs-utils and extra/smbclient are installed as well

cifs-utils 6.14-1
smbclient 4.15.3-2
Both are installed.

In /etc/sambla, I only have one folder called “private” and I can’t open it. Normal?

I installed the Cinnamon and I have the same issue.
When I double-click on the network folder of the router, I get this message (translated by me):
“Unable to mount the path
Unable to mount the Windows share: the software caused the fail of the connection”

Too much troubles with this distribution (or Arch). I switched back to my previous distro.

next time :wink:

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