Access for home directory at other device


I have the following problem. I want to access a specific folder in a home directory on a different hard drive. The home directory has the same username. When I try to access the folder named “steamapps” with Dolphin, I always end up in my own. I just can’t get to the games that are in the folder.

Hi Daniel08-15,

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How is the HDD connected to your computer? internal, USB?
How are you trying to access the other? CLi, GUI, etc?
Sounds like its a linux distro, but for completeness… which OS was installed on the extra HDD?

If it helps, normally, using ‘~’ will redirect to the current users home directory, not a home directory mounted otherwise.

Use ‘df’ in your terminal, and find out where the extra hard drive has been mounted to… then navigate to the folder you want.