About touchpad gestures

Hi there,

Does someone happen to know if is there is a program / pkg that gives the possibility using touchpad gestures? I mean, like, independent from the desktop.

The idea is that I can browse with Firefox or Vivaldi with the same gestures; Vivaldi has mouse gestures all right, but not for the touchpad.

And Firefox does not have any native gestures, only with extensions.

Sounds like I am just lazy, which is true, but still have to ask.

I am currenly trying KDE btw.


Try libinput-gestures / gesture-manager. If you combine with xdotool, it should do what you want.

You will also probably need something like saka key or vim vixen in both browsers - example:

  • Define β€œx” in saka key to go back in history.
  • Define three finger swipe left in gesture-manager as xdotool key x
  • Swipe left…

Personally I use vimium, I define a, z, x, d & c (I am left handed) as:

map a scrollToTop
map z scrollToBottom
map x goBack
map d goForward
map c removeTab

Don’t need gestures at all.

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I had no idea this existed xD, I have not been dwelling in linux for long,
I wil take a look at this,

Thx man,


Ok, I did not forget about this, it is just that I did some shennanigans and I ended with a fresh install, lol, I have a knack for that,

So, I found libinput-gestures-git and gesture-manager-git in the AUR, but when I launch Gesture Manager, I get

Launching Gesture manager (failed)
execvp: Exec format error


Check the top line of /usr/bin/gesture-manger

It should be #!/bin/bash - there is a misplaced β€œ\”

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All right, It works now, Much appreciated,

Thx man.


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