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Last time I tried to use lxqt I liked it, but it seems like it wasn’t ready for primetime. Also, I’m wondering if it works with Waylon yet?

I don’t see what the problem is. A classic appealing surface without senseless gimmicks. I use LXQt in siduction and antergos>endeavouros.

I also created a Lubuntu 19.10 image, i.e. with LXQt, for my work in IT service with isorespin for BIOS/CSM/UEFI64/UEFI32.

aur/lxqt-desktop-git 0.13.0-1 (+72 0.00%) (Out-of-date 2019-12-06)

While there are a number of packages related to LXQt, it doesn’t really seem to be supported.

Packages in AUR, that’s your reason? Pff…besides, lxqt-desktop-git is also just a metapackage that you don’t need.

So I went ahead and installed all the packages in community. Due to a bug an’or poor packaging, three quarters of the icons don’t show up. I spent a good deal of time messing around with it, downloading new icon packs, and icons are always missing until I log out and in again… then they all appear.

On the plus side the file manager has the all important split view option, and seems like a fairly good app.

Thus all in all I’d say it’s shows promise, and I like the concept… but it’s not ready for prime time.

I don’t have this issues, however, this is an original antergos, bent into endeavouros. Theoretically, this should be no different. I have been wanting to replace my siduction installation (my main system) with endeavouros for a long time. We shall see.

pcmanfm(-qt). You really only use the supplied? I know a lot of file managers, but I’ve been using krusader (Qt, also in Gtk DEs like LXDE or enlightenment) for ages and doublecmd (Qt, Gtk) additionally for a long time.

Right. Ready for 24/7. :wink: But you should also not paste up your desktop with icons. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wholeheartedly agree. I never put any icons on the desktop.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll check them out.