About that "annoying" dock - How to edit it?

Hi there,

I am new to EndeavourOS. In fact, I just installed it and I am liking a lot of everything I can see. :slight_smile:

But, guys, I am coming from Manjaro (KDE Plasma). I wanted to try a DE which was the most distant possible from some kind of “Windows-like” DE. So I opted for GNOME.

Everything is OK, but I wanted to customize the “built-in” dock: is it possible, as well as to change its behaviour, making it be displayed when needed and not having to press “super” to show it?

Well, I have used Latte and Cairo in the past. If so, it is possible to uninstall this built-in eos dock and install a new one?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the trouble.

The “dock”, which is called dash in Gnomese, is part of the GNOME. EnOS has nothing to do with it.

If you want to change some aspects of it, you should be looking into installing some extensions like “dash to dock” or “dash to panel” .


dash-to-panel is available in the Archlinux extra repository.


it appears that dash-to-dock is only available in the AUR


But you could use yay to install either one. Just be sure to run yay as a user.



That’s great! Thanks you all!

Well, so it seems we must stick with the default dash and learn to use it. I’ll try to see that extensions and/or some way to customize the dash.

Perhaps the smoothest way of searching for, installing and managing extensions on GNOME is through extension-manager.

It is available in AUR and also as flatpak.

I ues it myself with great satisfaction.

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Thank you so much for pointing me in the extension-managerdirection. :slight_smile:

Great app. Already enjoying it.

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You are welcome! Glad you liked it!

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Oh, just noticed that dash-to-dock is incompatible with GNOME 44.2. This extension would be the close to what I needed. :frowning:

Seems to be working fine on my end:

However, I don’t use dash-to-dock. I have it installed for the purpose of testing.

I use dash-to-panel.

Yes, it was my fault.

I got it. Just can´t make an icon “favorite” in dock but not in panel. Keep trying. :slight_smile:

I guess you can just double-click/right-click on the icon for the running app and pin it.

Or double-click/right-click on any icon on the app grid and pin it to the dash.

Or something along these lines. I am sure you’ll figure it out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks once again.

But it seems that once I pin an app it is pinned both in dash/dock and panel. I just wanted to use the dock for that, but it seems I am not allowed.

Do you have both dash-to-dock and dash-to-panel running?

Yes, because I wanted to use some features from dash-to-panel I don´t find in dash-to-dock (transparency, etc). For the upper panel.

That’s why you see the pinned app on both.

Open the settings for dash-to-panel, scroll down a little bit and disable “visible” for “Taskbar”.

Screenshot from 2023-06-28 14-25-21

Ah, that’s really great! Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

My bad, sorry for the trouble. I am just trying to find my way inside GNOME.

You will. If it is the first time you are using it, so that is not strange.
GNOME is not like anything you have tried before. It’s better :wink:


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You’re sure. :slight_smile:

I will, certainly.