About KDE and Akregator

Hi there,

As I stated in other topics, I am new at KDE, this may be obvious to other users, but.

It is an ‘All or Nothing’ king of scenario here ei? I installed Kmail to check it out, and wham-bam, an entire horde of Kombies (Zombies with a K, get it?) landed on my desktop, is that the norm?

So, I get to try a few new things, among them, Akregator; it is pretty straight-forward, exept, I could not find an option to keep the feed folders ordered alphabetically.

Anyone using Akregator out there?


I am on KDE and I try and stay clear of Kontact/Kmail/Akregator, suite. I think it works ok if you have gmail type accounts, but when you use Caldav/Carddav, etc, I had issues, as in, it filling up my hard drive with multiple files (Kontact was the culprit.)

I have tried a bunch of Feed Readers, and I ultimately find Thunderbird’s built in service works well as a feed reader, plus I already use it for email/contacts/calendar.

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You are better off using Thunderbird email client.


I use Akregator every day, it works great for me. The only strange thing about it is that marking items “Important” doesn’t do a darn thing, as far as I can tell. But as a traditional feed reader it’s great.


also, I can’t figure how to sort the feeds alphabetically, and, setting 'open links in fore/back groung makes no difference, always open in background, is that a bug?

I have used TB for a long time, so it is familliar, I installed Thunderbird, Akregator, and QuiteRss, so far Quite and Akregator are more practical, they don’t need extensions.


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You’ve inspired me to install QuiteRss and so far it’s pretty impressive; it definitely has better labeling features. Also it’s a Qt app for compatibility’s sake. I may switch to it from now on.

Ha, sry about that,

edit: QuiteRss is freezing on me every 5 mins, might be my doing shennanigans on my system.

Sry I think they are ordered by the CalDav server :confused:
Or atleast I think thats what mine does

Indeed, after trying for a couple of weeks, I feel Kmail is just too much annoying for what it has to do. I’m sticking to TB for the foreseeable future.

Usually everyone comes to that conclusion, unless they are using Google features with Kontact/Kmail. All the Caldav/Carddav stuff doesn’t work properly.