About KDE and Akregator

Hi there,

As I stated in other topics, I am new at KDE, this may be obvious to other users, but.

It is an ‘All or Nothing’ king of scenario here ei? I installed Kmail to check it out, and wham-bam, an entire horde of Kombies (Zombies with a K, get it?) landed on my desktop, is that the norm?

So, I get to try a few new things, among them, Akregator; it is pretty straight-forward, exept, I could not find an option to keep the feed folders ordered alphabetically.

Anyone using Akregator out there?


I am on KDE and I try and stay clear of Kontact/Kmail/Akregator, suite. I think it works ok if you have gmail type accounts, but when you use Caldav/Carddav, etc, I had issues, as in, it filling up my hard drive with multiple files (Kontact was the culprit.)

I have tried a bunch of Feed Readers, and I ultimately find Thunderbird’s built in service works well as a feed reader, plus I already use it for email/contacts/calendar.

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You are better off using Thunderbird email client.

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I use Akregator every day, it works great for me. The only strange thing about it is that marking items “Important” doesn’t do a darn thing, as far as I can tell. But as a traditional feed reader it’s great.


also, I can’t figure how to sort the feeds alphabetically, and, setting 'open links in fore/back groung makes no difference, always open in background, is that a bug?

I have used TB for a long time, so it is familliar, I installed Thunderbird, Akregator, and QuiteRss, so far Quite and Akregator are more practical, they don’t need extensions.


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You’ve inspired me to install QuiteRss and so far it’s pretty impressive; it definitely has better labeling features. Also it’s a Qt app for compatibility’s sake. I may switch to it from now on.

Ha, sry about that,

edit: QuiteRss is freezing on me every 5 mins, might be my doing shennanigans on my system.