About cinnamon themes choice

My computer broke down. I lost my old and fine themes settings dating back from Antergos. However, I still have a copy of my former /home files. Is there a possibility to read information about my settings on some of these files?

If nothing can be retrieved, I would appreciate to get some advice for a light theme non transparent, preferably working for both gtk and qt. For the time being I make do with the ugly Windows theme selected from Qt configuration tool. I liked numix too.

Were is your backup? External or on that computer?
If its removable you can just hook it up to another computer and browse throught it.
System wide themes will be in home/youruser/.themes or usr/share/.themes

Thanks for your reply

I had a full partition backup in a Clonezilla image that failed to restore. Thus I was left with my secondary backup made with rsync which only concerns /home. But I have reinstalled a new OS and I can’t put back the full /home. However I can access it like a normal directory.

/usr is out of the way, so I shall look at ~/.themes. I hoped I could read a cinnamon setting file that summarized the themes installed.

Yeh I think cinnamon themes are either there or you can try local/share/.themes as well.

How did you write your qt themes? Cause that would change were they were.

It was and old install (about three years old) and I do not remember installing a dedicated Qt then.

I found two themes coming from Cinnamon Spices

  • Cinnamox-Rossa-Cursa which has a reddish look and is gtk and qt compatible
  • Numix-Cinnamon-transparent

I’ll try them to see if this gives me back the old look

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Finally, I found them searching for antergos in the aur.

I installed antergos-wallpapers and numix-frost-themes.

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