Ableton Live 10 working awesome in Wine

The two things keeping Windows alive for dualboot on my PC is CSGO Faceit and Ableton Live.

Before I formatted my PC Ableton Live ran horribly on Linux. Both in Wine and on Virtual Machines (KVM/Virtual Box). After my reformat I kinda didn’t bother to attempt to reinstall Ableton… However! Last night I had a few beers and I tried to follow this tutorial:


I’m pretty bad at German, but I got the most of it, and it WORKS!!

No noticeable delay and no graphical bugs with the faders and sends. I haven’t tried any VSTs yet though, but base-ableton effects and instruments work fine for me.

If anyone is interested in how to do it (and can’t speak german), here is the most important things to take away from the video:

  • Install Wine and Winetricks including all optional dependencies.
  • Run wineboot -u, make sure to install Gecko but NOT mono!!
  • Run winetricks corefonts vcrun2010 vcrun2013 vcrun2015 to install some windows dependencies that Ableton likes
  • Run winetricks win7 to run Wine in Windows7 mode.
  • Once everything is installed, you can activate Ableton offline with your hardware serialnumber.

There’s also kinda live’ish Bitwig studio native, as well as Reaper and Renoise :upside_down_face:

VST compatibility so far is pretty good, i’ll PM you something now which may give you some idea

btw, if you want a stable studio - i’d advise you to use portable non-system WINEPREFIX (you can copy and use existing one in the end) with non-system WINE engine, to know how check out that guide (1-3).

Latest Wine != always greatest, it gives you flexibility to independently choose engine in case update for next Wine in Arch is breaking something :upside_down_face:

This way you’ll get full control on your studio and can copy it to another system easily :wink:

Overall Linux is very ready for pro-audio, so have fun :partying_face:

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Will be having a look!

Just in case you own the Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 VSTi and get it running, please let me know.

This is one of the few problematic ones, It had d2d1 problem aka blackbox instead of GUI, what i suggest to try is those winetricks:


and wine / wine-staging 6.0 (coz it have some very important developments for d2d1 to actually get it working, for example fixed some stuff for Serum / Spire)

I haven’t tested it on wine 6.0 yet, but it’s the best chance you have so far :wink:

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I bet the other problematics are NI Komplete and Addictive Drums. : )

I did not test all this in Linux for quite some time, because annoyances; and dual booting.
I really would like to get rid of this.
Let’s see.

Nooope, both are possible, i’ve heard about some addictive drums problems on LinVst tracker (not user myself), but they can be resolved :wink:

Problematic ones (although maybe solved by now, need to re-test): Roland, some Overloud…
Stuff like that

Let me send you PM as well then :upside_down_face:

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I wonder if I should be bothered to try out Ableton 11… I have a few Max4Live sequencers that would be nice to fiddle with… or I could just try to recreate them in bitwig grid

If that’s midi i’d reopened them in Bitwig :upside_down_face:
Well…Unless you really need Max4Live itself

Midi yeah.

Probably just lookign for excuses to use it until I sell it … Having software so expensive lying around hurts…still at least Push 2 is useable with bitwig.

There is also about 8 billion seqeuncers on VCV rack

That’s why FOSS exists…

But meanwhile, as a doctor:
:pirate_flag: :shushing_face:


Nice stuff… :upside_down_face:
Should be usable with anything modern enough i guess :yum:

Luckily it’s VST, and it’s not a problem on Wine with native Linux hosts through bridge like LinVST :upside_down_face:

Although…I haven’t tested it yet

Hahah . I already own it!

Push 2 depends with bitwig depends on the fine work of … I think he also does some things with reaper…

and VCV is not a VST yet, but that’s a whole drama field… and VCV is has a native linux release :slight_smile:

also… I vote for yabridge .:smiley:

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oh, my bad i figured it can only host vst for now :upside_down_face:

I really love how well it’s documented and clean…But call me old-school :laughing:

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hahah. The dude is a total G as well… spent many an hour with me debugging things arising from my inadequance :wink:

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Hi guys,
I’ve also managed to install Live with Wine (through Lutris) and it really works. I’ve managed to install and run WineASIO with low latency kernel. It also works with xanmod and liquorix kernels but I don’t think this kind of setup is ready for live performances because it is really not stable enough at least in my opinion and the audio latency is high even with WineASIO/Jack installed and working properly. OK I admit I have old HW - i74710HQ and NI Komplete Audio 6 interface but in Windows I get latency, which is less than a millisecond and with Wine and WineASIO/Jack I can’t get any latency, which is even close to that without under-runs :confused: There is also another problem. The Push 2 controller can’t work with Wine because Wine lacks USB support and the Push 2 is not a pure MIDI controller. AFAIK the Push 2 is receiving pixel data through the USB because it has a display with higher resolution than the original Push and there is no way to make it work with the current Wine versions. This is really sad because I like the controller and don’t want to sell it and use something else, which is just MIDI. At least in my case I am stuck with Windows because of the controller.

Have you checked that?

Run as:

perl ./

Wine doesn’t lack USB support, it works on all of my USB devices / controllers, it must be something else.