Abiword vs LibreOffice

I’ve been a LibreOffice user for a long time and before that OpenOffice and before that StarOffice. But lately whenever I use LibreOffice I feel like I’m trying to steer a whale. More options than I ever use. I no longer have a need to insert the myriad of objects that LibreOffice allows or create a multitude of formatting options.

So I’ve gone back to an old favorite, Abiword, for the light word processing that I do; a few letters, some recipes, and general writing. It’s responsive, non-confusing, and is easy to use. I still use LibreOffice for spreadsheets and complicated documents, but my go to for word processing is now Abiword.

I tried Calligra Words, but my mind will not do the gyrations required to master it.

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i dont use much office, but have libreoffice-still installed incase off needed :slight_smile:

further if i note , i use feathernote … more not

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Compatibility with other word processing software is also a requirement for many.
Haven’t really used Abiword, but I guess it is a great tool.
Like @ringo, I also have only LibreOffice available if and when I need such software.

Matter of requirements and taste.

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Your description is similar to all the million people outside who have to use M$-Word. 90% of the functions of Word are never used by the vast majority of them. But they do not know that there are alternatives. Good to see that you (and others) know about other alternatives.

I am using LibreOffice and my family too. I even used the serial letter function! :wink:

I’ve used TextMaker as well and it’s quite good. Had some issues with Abiword in the past, eg flickering cursor, but at the moment it meets all my needs for writing letters.

I use LibreOffice when I need to open external Word documents.

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