Abiword strange problem, no copy/paste texts on emails


While trying to copy/paste e text from Abiword to an email it doesn’t work, i’m not able to paste any document from abiword to the email.

To others places (as to this forum) is able to do the paste, other text editors it work fine too, the problem is only from Abiword to emails.

Thanks for any idea …

Does libreoffice-still work?
And which email are you talking about?
Are you talking about pasting text, or dragging a document to email program?

No, i don’t use libreoffice. Emails: proton and tutanota no dragging anything as i said just texts, my texts, not from any document.

__ and from any OS, Debian …

Sorry, I don’t use Abiword, have no idea why it doesn’t work. Hopefully someone here can answer.

Which email provider/client are you trying to paste the text from Abiword into?

In Abiword if I go to Edit > Select All, then right mouse-click and select Copy, my text from Abiword can be pasted into Tutanota email, and GMail without any issues.

Have you installed Abiword from the extra repository?
yay abiword
press 1

must be something with DE settings / extensions / Abiword settings…

But it only happen when i want to paste a text on an email, this is very rare.
Ah! and it is happening too at Debian.
Any way if nobody can … there are other options.

Thank you very much

What browser are you using to check email? Chrome may have a problem with pasting from AbiWord as described here: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/quick-abiword-question-copy-paste-problem.277432, and here: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/1913211/cant-copy-and-paste-abiword

Try another browser, like Firefox?

Also, for Tutanota emails, it’s best to use their app Tutanota Desktop to avoid problems.

are you on KDE or what is your DE in use?

@Halcek Any browser, Palemoon, Firefox, Falkon, Waterfox, and it is happening too in Manjaro and Debianns …

@joekamprad Xfce4

Thanks everybody, i already got another text editor :wink: