A thought about Paru in the EOS repository

It looks, for AURs, paru will show you the build PKGBUILD by default. Going through the documentation, it looks like you’d need to set up an editor for it and any edits you did make would be merged with the original. Really hoping there’s a review process first but, even then, that can be a bit of a burden on the package maintainer. Of course, if I misunderstand, please correct me on this.
Assuming not, I’ve added “SkipReview” to the [Options] section of paru.conf. I’m perfectly happy to read the PKGBUILD on the Arch website, especially if it means I won’t inadvertently submit an edit.
Almost think “SkipReview” should be enabled by default.

I am not exactly sure I understand what you are saying here.

By default it shows you the PKGBUILD and highlights the differences between the last version you built and the current version.

If you set --savechanges for that. By default it is just a review.

It doesn’t submit an edit to the AUR, it just makes changes in your local PKGBUILD.

Definitely not. The review by default and the presentation of the PKGBUILDs is one of paru’s best features.


It’s a slippery slope. We already have yay. There’s no real need to have paru also. It’s obviously easy to install.

Actually I don’t really think yay really even needs to be shipped, but one is more than enough.

Both yay and paru have been in the EOS repo for quite some time.

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In the Endeavour repos? I had no idea. Interesting


Ok then, I was finding it would show me the PKGBUILD but I was not seeing a clear way to move past it so it could continue on. That is, I get “Proceed to Review? [Y/n]” and, if I select “Y” (or just return for default), it will show me the PKGBUILD but can’t get it to continue past that. If I skip the review, it works just fine.

Read the man pages for paru and paru.conf but they just gave me various command options. The video on the GIT page appears to have it already set up to select an editor so, I guess I’m unclear on how to get past the PKGBUILD display if you don’t want to do anything with it other than just run the install.

You just need to press “q” to exit the review.

yea, did that (looked vi-ish so, first thing I tried). It quits but I get an error message about not being able to connect to the server and it fails from there. Re-run paru and, this time, don’t do the review and it works just fine.

That is probably just a coincidence.

Once you get used to the reviews and do enough of them that you start seeing color coded diffs it makes it really easy to see what is changing and review on updates.

Ok well, it happened a couple times in a row (First with Protonmail Bridge and again with Spotify) but, I’ll comment out “SkipReview” in my paru.conf and see if the problem really persist. Been using mainly yay up till now and just started running paru just to see how it worked.