A small preview of Enlightenment 0.24.x :)

I used Archlinux wiki as a base -> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Enlightenment

This thread can also be useful : Enlightenment - setup via repos and the possibility of adding to Endeavour installer

  1. I grabbed and rebuild efl 1.24.1 -> added option -Dglib=true \ in PKGBUILD config lines ; added both connman and ibus.
  2. I grabbed and rebuild e24.0, then terminoly 1.7.0
  3. Added ecrire-git, edi, rage, econnman and some other tools :slight_smile:

Some screenshots.

Ecrire, Rage and Evisum in action.

What about an about screen with Welcome ? :slight_smile:

And a little more :slight_smile:

Not that bad, indeed :smiley:


Surely it is not, I used e16 and e17 a long time in the Mandriva 8.0 era and the great Rasterman composed a genius that to this day is avant-garde.

Thanks… I remember having used Mandrake 5.1 back in 1998… A french speaking video I made.


Obviously I don’t understand your language :smile:, but it looks great !!!

This is so… so… W98 with Stardocks!

Well, Mandrake 5.1 was released in July of 1998. Win98 was released in June 1998. So :slight_smile:

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