A recent convert from Windows says hi

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently built myself a new gaming PC and with the way Microsoft is going with Windows, I was very reluctant to use it for the new build.

Thanks to Mutahar (SomeOrdinaryGamers on YT), I learned that running Linux as a primary OS for gaming is in fact very viable and I have since run a few of my favourites with little effort and they run beautifully with Proton.

Like many others here, I’ve dabbled in the past in various flavours of Linux, including Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Manjaro, etc. I’ve grown to really like the Arch style of running things, and eventually found out about EndeavourOS, given that I wanted something Arch based that is easy to setup.

Well, here I am now, running EndeavourOS and I’m really liking it. All the hype during my research seems to have been well placed.

Unfortunately I do still need Windows for a few things (Namely Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint) but setting that up in a VM and using VFIO to pass my old GPU to the VM was surprisingly easy and works very well.

So, hello everyone. I’m probably here to stay.


G’day @lordpsymon and welcome to EndeavourOS, glad your enjoying it.

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welcome to Eos )) enjoy


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum, @lordpsymon!


Welcome @lordpsymon

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Welcome! Convert to gimp blender inkscape is the next step :upside_down_face: world of linux only is dificult but my last windows was 2005…


Welcome to the forum

:enos_flag: :handshake:t5:

Welcome to the forum @lordpsymon :enos: :enos_flag: :partying_face:

Hello @lordpsymon

I had also arrived here from Windows in February, directly without trying any other Linux distributions.
With help of experienced community members here, we can learn to spacewalk here.

For Photoshop, GIMP best open source alternative.
For painting, Krita is the best thing ever existed.

To make system easy-going, the preferred method is usage of terminal, as it increases the efficiency in workflow, and is recommended by all top users here, but everything is up to you, with your flex.

Welcome and enjoy you journey through the EndeavourOS.


Welcome to the forums @lordpsymon !

PS: How do you pronounce “router”? :grin:

Depends on how British I’m feeling at the time, but I mostly lean toward Root-err.

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I’m new here to and I was on Artix a while ago but now i have switched

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