A preview of Deepin 20.x


Warning: do not do this on a real installation. VM is your friend!

Deepin 20.x packages landed in Archlinux testing repositories. So, I set up an EndeavourOS VM with stable deepin. After this, I activated testing repositories.

pacman.conf modifications

A little sudo pacman -Syu later…

63 updates...

And a little overwrite was needed :frowning:


Here are some screenshots - without transparency, sorry!

Better in dark mode :slight_smile:


Good post !


I forgot to modify login screen. Strangely, it says UOS 15.11 with new deepin version…

Just tweak /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file and replace lightdm-gtk-greeter by lightdm-deepin-greeter.


Nice… So the question is do you like it? Did they ruin what they originally had or is it an improvement in your opinion? What do you like and what don’t you like? I know it’s not Mate! :laughing:

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Well, to be honest, it touches me one without making me move the other, like said french former president Jacques Chirac (1932-2019).

I think Deepin is now a complete environment and only modifications made are related to details.

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I’ve noticed a problem with the new Deepin UOS environment in “Fashion Mode”.
There is no way to adjust the SIZE of the DOCK …
The SIZE Feature was adjustable in 15.11 – Now presently right-click it’s vanished !
Any solutions?

Did you try just dragging it smaller? One of the modes allows you to do that but only so far.


Thanks for that. - I should’ve known life is a drag … lol

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I tried deepin but it’s making computer unresponsive. I can move around with the mouse but can’t click on anything to make it work inside and outside of vbox so the whole system has to be hard restart. This in on Ryzen with AMD RX590. I gave up for now. The old Deepin is no problem.

The answer about UOS Unify Operating System an ask from Chinese Government is here :

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