A new GDM Settings app

Greetings lovely community,

You may have already heard about it, but just in case you haven’t there is a newly developed Gnome app using GTK4 / libadwaita called gdm-settings that aims to change some of the GDM settings for the login screen, like icons, fonts, background, and a handful of other useful options.

It is still currently alpha software, but it is mostly feature complete according to the developer. If you test it out and come across any bugs, please do report it over on their GitHub. I’ll post a few screenshots of the gdm-settings below:

Some relevant links for GitHub and AUR for this package. If you like it, please do give it a star on GitHub or a vote in the AUR, it’s a great addition to have to be able to customize the login welcome screen, an ability I’ve been wanting for ages and to be able to adjust it this easily with this app is amazing. Hope you all like it too.

GitHub: https://github.com/realmazharhussain/gdm-settings

AUR: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/gdm-settings

*There is also a -git version in the AUR too ( click here )

There’s a better write up of this app on OMGUbuntu, so if you’re curious feel free to read more about it here:


I wonder how long this one will last. I built an application to do this a while back as an exercise to learn gtk and quickly dropped it when I realized it needed heavy modification for every gnome version.


Ironically, I was looking for something like this yesterday because I wanted to set a background on my login screen. After some googling, I ended up using gdm-tools.

How long does anything last these days? Ideally, I’d hope the Gnome devs adopt it or include it into their Circle of trust applications at some point in the future, but it’s still too early to really know. The Gnome devs are aware of it, so at least it’s on their radar for now. And it works for right now, so no need to rain on my parade because I brought my umbrella :wink:

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Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but over the last 5 years or so how many of these gdm management applications have come and gone? It seems like every year there is a new one and a year(or less) later it is dead.

There’s no guarantee that anything is a guarantee. I guess just enjoy it while we got it, instead of wondering about when/if it’s going to get axed :sweat_smile:

All things aside though, it looks like a promising application nonetheless, so I’m going to use it for the time being; if I can find and report any bugs to help out the developer, I’m gonna try to do my small part in that regard.