A little thought on Easter this year

I was hesitating to post this message, all because of the daunting circumstances we’re all in.
The news headlines are dominated by patient and death counts, upcoming economic crises etc. all in all not news to be happy or pleased about.

What made me decide to post it eventually, is the message of positivity, hope and joy it brings and these are the things everyone in the world needs at this moment, no matter how trivial this small message may seem.

It doesn’t matter which lens you use to look at this weekend, either religious or non-religious, Easter stands for the rebirth of life. The current circumstances have forced us to reboot our vision of life and there’s no excuse for taking life for granted in this revision. Just cherish and embrace the love and light these days.

So, even though it is from a distance, we wish you and your loved ones a very pleasant Easter weekend and don’t forget to call, message or video chat the ones who need you the most.


Many thanks for the Easter well wishes Bryanpwo! My thoughts for you and all who are recovering from recent events in the news. I work in the Produce section at a national chain grocery store here in Fredericton, NB so I’m on the front lines of this pandemic.

That photo is priceless! It takes me back to my childhood when I was afraid of Santa Claus! I guess I cried and fussed quite a storm when mom and dad wanted me to sit on Santa’s lap. My mom has a photo somewhere of my expressions when they made me do that! Kind of wish I had it on my computer so it could be posted also. Oh well. Hopefully once social distancing is no longer required, I’ll post that photo so all of us can have a good chuckle - including myself! :grinning:

However: given how haunting that Easter bunny mask is - I suspect that those kids didn’t eat much Easter chocolate that year. Just saying… :crazy_face:


If I were the age of those children, I would cry too. That is one scary looking Easter bunny.


For me Easter holds no religious aspect to it, same goes for all these sort of holidays. To me it means, Family. Be with the ones you love and care about. Drink, eat and enjoy each others company.

Well, when you’re not in lockdown that is.


Finally got around to getting this off my phone.

Happy White Easter!
It wasn’t hard to find the Easter Eggs. Just follow the rabbit tracks in the snow.
Yes, the white spots are Big flakes of snow flying at about a 45 degree angle.



Are you still in hospital @Bryanpwo?


Thanks for asking, I’m back at home.