A little joke on a regular day

I would be they friend that said it wasn’t spicy…I am from Louisiana the give us hot sauce in our baby bottles there.


Dang, Skippy, I know your kind. We’re in Georgia :wink:

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ROFLMAO I live in Thailand, and stuff ‘Prik Kee Noo’ in sausages - they rate 110,000 on the Skoville scale.
Y’all a bunch of woosies.



One of the most fun I’ve had was giving mustard to macho Mexicans showing me they can eat hot peppers. I challenged them to French mustard. I was on the floor laughing seeing their faces turn red and holding their noses as if they would fall off their faces.

But then again, the first time I had wasabi, I put the whole darn wad in my mouth and had a similar experience. I didn’t know what it was. Today, I eat it with a lot of respect :slight_smile:

I am not the tough guy kind with anything to prove the hot food/scoville scale/etc. In fact I am sure I am one of aforementioned woosies :slight_smile: … but I will add one note … if a Pennsylvania Dutchman ever offers you their home made horseradish … proceed with caution. :hot_face:


I like all the sweet dishes, including all fruits, and can spend the whole day with sweet dishes only !!


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what is the joke here?


The fact is that the theory is not proven and there’s no empirical evidence for it, or for any alternative ideas about how gravity might unify with the rest of the fundamental forces.

Hence, everything the doctor was explaining was pointless.

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I love sweet and sour. I guess I should have figured out after dating all these wild girls back then :slight_smile:

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You, apparently, are not a conspiracy theorist! :rofl:

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I do research but on tangible things like Lithium-Ion batteries. :sweat_smile:
I’m more of an engineer than a pure physicist.

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Really? I have been covering electric mobility since 2007. From EVs to electric aviation since 2015 for the latter. I’d love to chat if you wish. PM?

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It’s vice versa will prove my nature. :innocent: Though, I am interested in Applied Physics as well !

I have no doubt.
My wife was an exchange student in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Even the toddler food was to hot for her. :hot_face:


The audacity!