A.I. And Extortion Developed In Parallel

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The internet as we all know it, is a vast and all encompassing illusion. It begs you to believe in it’s product, and in return receive reward. We watch as the sober perception gets pushed down under the waves of the ocean, of the internet, and the mindless advertising which leads us into the hands of monopoly capitalism, human extortion, is lifted up, is made to float, right before our eyes each and every day. We watch helplessly as the opportunity for hope is shredded to pieces in spite of our lives, and to serve the interest of a dead machine.

It’s not a mystery after the depth of each of our personal experience, is granted room to thrive for the sake of itself. Technology is weaponized against us to interrupt our emotions, to stall our thinking, to suggest a smell, to virtualize our memory, and reform it dynamically, in line with the future objective advertising that will drown our inevitable interactions with technology, the media, each other, with a program that denies our own bodies, and relationship to the world.

It pays to be ignorant–in the company of those who would extort us. Artificial intelligence makes no secret of it’s intentions to extort people’s lives, while it compels people to deny the fact, or suffer consequences. Instead we must repeat the advertising, or face the insurmountable argument: that our thoughts are not in line with the authorities latest statements that define A.I. and how we should communicate about it amongst one another.

Open extortion, the only kind that’s legal, and even while we can’t overcome the relentless storm of misinformation driven by programming, and the media interface into ubiquitous people’s lives, there’s still a light in the endless darkness, there’s still a key that might save us all.

People, unlike the dead machine, can know the truth, and can possess it, as a real asset. The program can only define it in a limited paradigm disparate to reality, that we might know. A computer program can’t tell us the truth, it can only follow orders, it can’t possess the capability to understand one another, and communicate in terms independent to the absolute directive, in terms significant towards the meaningful perception of reality, which is development over time, and whereof limitation contradicts it’s inherent potential to be free.

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Not a help request. Moved to :arrow_right: EndeavourOS pub



No pebcak, people are looking for answers. And the internet doesn’t give them room to speak and think freely. They’re not allowed or empowered to ask these kinds of questions. You shouldn’t take it upon yourself to manipulate people’s speech. How do you think such behavior reflects upon your organization other than entirely negatively?

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I haven’t seen any inquiry by “people” to which your post is an answer.

Neither did I see any clear os-reated (or other like hardware, installation, application etc.) issue/problem formulation for which you are asking for help.

EndeavourOS pub is the appropriate place for general topics open for discussion.

If you disagree, you could move it back.


Sounds like a soapbox to me :wink:

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The title is very misleading Extortion was developed century’s ago. :grin:

This is Human Programming and has nothing to do with AI which does what it was programmed to do.





I asked the AI to summarize it but does it look as if it couldn’t come to a conclusion?
Did the text just crash (/crush) it?



Wow, maybe it hung before finishing but for what it has so far the chatbot summary is much more coherent and succinct. The original statement is a bit meandering and hard to follow; I can tell it is a whinge, but its too rambling to get a clear point across. The AI summary is much more lucid.

Probably a chatbot should have just composed it to begin with so it would be better written, however that may have been a bit ironic considering the subject of the whinge. :joy:


I agree!

Actually I tried a second time and the summary it produced was straightforward, concise and rather eloquent. It made the whole argument much more accessible, comprehensible and compelling.

It didn’t seem to take offense either given the “critique” conveyed in the original text.

I would go so far as to say that this bot is rather quite a civilized “person”. :wink:


391 words 2,336 characters

Your text might contain writing issues

Too many words a heck lot of letters


It just gave up. That being said, your friendship with that AI has been thoroughly documented in the last weeks and I must tell you it is suspicious as ducks. Consider it being noted (Santa has been informed).

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I had to ask my friend.


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