A Honeymoon VLOG. A Vacation Video. Street & Travel Photography with the Wife. Part TWO - Sibiu

This is a vacation type of video. The wife and I took a trip for our honeymoon and we visited a few of the most tourist-friendly towns and citites in Romania. A great oportunity for travel and street photography.

This is part two, our three-night stay in Sibiu. With Alba Iulia to soon follow as part three.

I hope you enjoy.

If you want to see part one, click here.


Very nice, again! Just as the first part was so nice. Thank you much for sharing!

On this second video, during early minutes I felt reminded of the place where I live.

Not to mention, being interpreted by others as a tourist of my own hometown!

What is the music you play in the background of this? I was listening to Osibisa right now - double-squared fittingly.

Really liked the opening sequence in Part 1. The choice of black and white really got me, I am a sucker for black and white photography and film. I miss Central and Eastern Europe.

The music is by Ketsa. There is a link to where I got it from in the video description.

I like black and white a lot as well.