A Generational Change for Calamares Development

A great thank`s to Adriaan de Groot :people_hugging:

It was a great pleasure baking cakes with you!
Each of your recipes resulted in a delicious great cake!
Have you ever had a problem with a recipe? it didn’t take long for you to list the ingredients or the recipe was adjusted and our cake turned out exactly how we needed it!

Calamares and Adrian have been with us the entire journey with EndeavourOS from the very beginning!

During this time, Calamares has grown into a great community project and we have great communication between the distributions that use and actively shape Calamares.

I hope this will continue to be the case in the future!

I wish you every success in your new tasks and, above all, a lot of joy and delicious baked goods!


Best wishes for all of you and may your cake grow even bigger and even more delicious!

We all enjoy having a piece of it!

I like mine with a cup of strong black coffee!

:cake: :coffee:


2 coffees & more cake please!

Edit: Best wishes to Adriaan de Groot