A few weeks in AMD GPU-land

It’s been three weeks since I traded in my RTX3070 for a card which is, to a small extent, technically a downgrade, the AMD 6700XT. While I’d used Radeons in the early 2000’s, recently it had been an GTX970 that ran up until last year, and then the RTX3070.

I no longer get occasional boot to black for displayport, but the huge win is the difference in stability and performance for gaming, which has been night and day. Whether that’s also due to VK3D and Proton maturing significantly, or AMD’s driver model, I don’t know, but it shows in a significant number of AAA titles just being seamless.

Alongside that, Wayland is far, far more usable. Looking forward to what the future brings, it’s been a lifetime of Linux for me, thirty years, of seeing it grow, evolve, mature, sometimes fall backwards, then make a sudden headrush. I’ll be sticking with AMD for my next build, the 6700 XT has been a revelation in how good GPU support can be on Linux.


I agree and i have a new RX6750 for another system not yet built. Currently using an RX590. I think Linux has leapfrogged significantly in the last 2-3 years alone.

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This is incredibly close to my use case. I also have a 3070Ti, as it was the only card available at that time with enough power for my gaming needs. And I also am interested in Wayland, and hearing that at least on AMD it should be all sunshine and rainbows, I am interested to switch out my NVidia binary blob for a nice AMD driver and card (sad that we basically only have 2 choices).

I hope that everything works with a clean installation, as I would like to get back to KDE. I also know what you are talking about with Displayport on NVidia (I am not sure its actually an NVidia problem), but I’ve seen boots to black screen.

That makes me hopeful for a new PC with an AMD card, running Wayland, even under KDE, and improving gaming and security.


My 6600xt goes all day long and is just incredible. I’m very happy with it.

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Technically you have 3 choices now. The Arc A770 IS in the same (basic) class of performance as the 3070. It’s definitely not a very GOOD choice at the moment, but it is a choice.

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I switched from GTX1070 to RX6800XT. The difference in performance is of course like night and day, but also stability and overall compatibility. Definitely not going back to NVidia any more. Also switched CPU from Intel to AMD. Vega 8 iGPU is much better than Intel’s 630 was, both performance and stability.

I do still get annoying black screens with display port, but switching tty usually fixes it. Probably an issue with my X config.

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Oddly enough, unplugging the monitor from power, then pressing the power button to purge any charge, then plugging it back in also worked for me when this happened. I think it’s a displayport issue more than anything else.

I’m looking forward to building a new Ryzen-based rig next year, full AMD just sits really well for me when it comes to their drivers and stability (so far it’s been a positive experience on all fronts, which still genuinely surprises me that it’s become this smooth.

Literally the only thing keeping me off moving to Wayland fully right now is gamma control. That in itself is a stunning endorsement for how far Wayland has come for me. As little as a year ago, it was essentially a flickering unusable experience (albeit on nVidia).

Are you not able to use gamma using xrandr? Or you can’t use that under Wayland?

xorg components don’t work in Wayland sadly.

So i guess don’t get an expensive OLED monitor. :laughing:

Yeah, I have the feeling Asus calibrated the VG248QE 60hz properly, but forgot about 144hz, which is why people get this monitor… 60hz is damn near perfect for gamma out of the box. 144hz is a grey mess…

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I use Samsung gaming monitors 24" 1 ms 60 Hz. I don’t have any high Hz monitors.

I actually haven’t had any of those black screen issues since I disabled some options in my display’s menu. Maybe it’s related to the display port, how it handles the signal. I dunno. Display port is a shitty connection any way. I have to deal with it at work and it sometimes drives me nuts. HDMI is so much more reliable. And these days USB-C should be how displays are connected.

I have this monitor. Blue light filter is everything for me, can’t use without it…

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