A crack in the wall of Apple's European Garden

Interesting development for iOS users in the EU.


Apple must be fuming with the EU this year.
First USB-C charging, now this… :rofl:

It’s annoying that EU tariffs make tech products expensive, but at least its good to know they are doing actual good work with their regulations!


Thanks to some of these regulations some things are very cheap also… like the OEM thingy… what allows you to buy win11 for 2,59€.

But in the end it is all mainly :clown_face: :earth_africa:


Sometimes the EU is pretty cringe, sometimes it can be very based.

This time it was based. We need these regulations to defend the rights, freedom and privacy of consumers and creators. Not having sideloading means all software on that device must come from 1 single source that controls, tracks, censors and monitors everything.

Either way I don’t like Apple so I don’t see myself getting an iphone ever, thankfully we have Android and its forks.