A Couple Customization Questions (Clock, Terminal)


I am messing around with Cinnamon (coming from KDE and also with some XFCE experience). So far, I really like it, as well as EOS in general. I am pretty happy with it all. Just two little questions are on my mind, I could find an answer for.

  1. Would it be possible to have the date shown below the time, instead of next to it? Pretty much like XFCE does it. Makes the clock section pretty long, even if I use the short format Mon, Nov. 13 2023…

  2. How do I install the EOS Terminal theme, or where do I get it from? I saw several screenshots with it, but I couldn’t find it. The default terminal, even after customization, just looks boring.

Thanks in advance and a happy Monday to everybody,


I think you can actually customise that. One second, let me log into Cinnamon and check.

Seems I was wrong. I thought you could do it with an applet.

BUT… you can remove the Cinnamon Panel and use XFCE’s panel instead. I use it for i3wm, Cinnamon, and Qtile for the sake of consistency.

As for the EndeavourOS theme: https://github.com/orgs/endeavouros-team/repositories?q=theme&type=all&language=&sort=

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Cool, thanks! I will try that in a bit.
BTW yours looks cool. xD

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:
And thanks! :wink:

If I remember you can try this. Go on the date/time at the right bottom panel corner

  • Right click it
  • Click “Configure…”
  • Enable “Use a custom date format”
  • Use “%n” to add a line break

For example the following date format should be what you asked for:



Cool! That worked. Thanks.
I did format it with the xfce4 items I used. Still the same code.

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