5.8 kernel experience

What is the experience after installing the 5.8 kernel? Are there any random freezes?

Not on my system with Intel CPU-GPU. Works fine.

CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U
Graphics: Device-1: Intel UHD Graphics 620

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With 5.8.1-1 everything runs completely clean, no freezes. i5 2500K, RX 580, 8 GB RAM


Everything fine here. I have not tried it on my laptop, which runs 4.19.


No problems here, besides a new “fimware might be missing” warning, that turned out to be of no importance.

linux, -lts, and -zen runs just fine.


Everything OK here, too.
Nothing bad in the journal, only two errors, none of which are related to the 5.7->5.8 update. A handful of warnings but nothing unusual.


Running 5.8.1 zen on main PC and 5.8.1 standard on laptop…both are excellent. :nerd_face:

Question to navi users: do you see any improvements in games running Proton or Wine?

I have no issue except running Virtual-box on Ryzen 3800X & Amdgpu with RX590.

I ran into issues in two areas so far:

  • Virtualbox crashes
  • Bumblebee crashes

I have Nvidia but on a desktop so I’m not using bumblebee.

No problems on an ASrock deskmini A300 with Ryzen 2200G. No problems on an Intel NUC7PJYH (pentium).

all good on older Macbook Pro… great really . :slightly_smiling_face:

No problems here - but I’m mostly on AMD (Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 7 3700x) so I didn’t expect any troubles :grin: Also OK with 5.8.1-zen1-1-zen (on Garuda Linux)

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So there seems to be mostly no problem with the new kernel.

I’ve built a 5.8.2-zen kernel if anyone wants a “pre-release” version (it’s in my repo, extra section; minimal changes).


another train coming
btfrs & drm


Hopefully it’s not a train wreck? :train2:

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