3 OS System with KVM

Hi! I’m looking for a way to have a 3 OS system, with EndeavourOS at it’s center. I’d like to run both Windows 11 and MacOS in KVM windows. I’d have 3 GPUs, one for each planned system, but how would I go about this, and is it possible?

  • Do you want all the OSs to run at the same time?
  • You want each of them to have a separate graphics card that has been passed through?

Yes and yes.

So once you get KVM up and running you can keep all 3 OSs running without an issue (If you don’t want to know how to set up KVM this post would help).

For GPU passthrough I’ve personally not have done it but going to link some videos that explain the process well.

  1. Link 1
  2. Link 2
  3. Link 3 (Using Arch)
  4. Link 4 (Using Arch, not english)
  5. Link 5 (Using Arch, much better audio)
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Thank you much!

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Yes, this is the documentation on how to pass your video cards through to KVM:

I didn’t watch the entire videos but those appear to be based on how to do it on Debian

Added 2 which shows using Arch but seems to be Mutas Debian has a similar process using GRUB to group the PCI’s. It’s clear from the 2nd Arch video I posted.

Link 3 looks to be somewhat reasonable but since all he is doing is copying and pasting from the Arch wiki it seems like it would be much faster to just use the Arch wiki directly…

Aren’t we all :smiley: