2nd SSD BTRFS not recognized

I believe I’ve stumble on a peculiar problem. Here are the steps to reproduce it

  1. Install Manjaro on a secondary SSD using BTRFS.
    System is booting via grub OK
  2. install EndeveaurOS Atlantis on the primary SSD using BTRFS
    System boot OK on the primary SSD - secondary SSD is visible via fdisk -l but its Grub is invalid
    Running grub config on the primary will not “see” the secondary install (complain about not being a block device)
  3. Disable primary SSD and install Manjaro as ext4.
  4. Enable Primary SSD , boot from it and run grub config

The primary boot will recognize the 2nd SSD (ext4) and add it to the boot menu.

The “regular” os-prober from Arch repos responsible for scanning other operating systems present on the system won’t detect the ones on BTRFS. You would need to use the os-prober from Manjaro which is modified to do just so.

If you want to keep EnOS in control of Grub, just install Manjaro’s os-prober.
If you don’t mind to have Manjaro in control of Grub, just change the boot order in your UEFI settings, boot it up and update the Grub.

Sorry I’ve missed a piece of info - yes I’ve installed Manjaro os-prober.
There is a difference in between EnOS / Manjaro os-prober.
Ive run the scripts (including the support back script) interactively.

  1. run os-prober/support script from EnOS run it against Manjaro (not a blk device error)
  2. Save the EnOS scripts , copy the os-prober from mounted Manjaro.
    run is again from EnOS - weird messages.
  3. Now the funny part - boot Manjaro , run its own os-prober to EnOS => system recognized as BTRFS.

That was to point I’ve decided to go ext4 on Manjaro.

Just reporting an event.

there is also one for BTRFS support on the AUR:

aur/os-prober-btrfs 1.79-3 (+3 0.49) 
    Utility to detect other OSes on a set of drives (with additional patches to detect btrfs systems and other systems)