2nd desktop environment

I originally installed EOS with the Cinnamon DE. I just installed XFCE, then closed down the computer, started it up again, and expected to be offered a choice of DEs: Cinnamon and XFCE.

But after typing in my password it opened Cinnamon. How can I get it to open XFCE?

On the login screen, next to the box with your user name, there should be an icon/gear to click on and choose the DE you want to log into.


Thanks a lot, that works fine.

On a sidenote: when I click on that gear it in fact gives me 3 options: Cinnamon default, Cinnamon rendered, XFCE.

What are those 2 Cinnamon options for? And before installing XFCE, typing in my password resulted in a Cinnamon DE.

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Please see here:



Got it. Thanks a lot for your help.


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