2560x1440 screen resolution?

I’ve installed and am running EndeavourOS in a virtual machine (QEMU/KVM). There are many display resolutions available, but the one I’m looking for, 2560x1440, is not listed. Is it possible to set EndeavourOS to run that resolution? If so, and docs on how to do so? Thanks! And thanks for EndeavourOS!

you can try and make a script ?


i have used virtual-manager with qemu/kvm a little, mostly selected in the display manager in settings then it sets to the prefered resolution… if not seen there you have to add those with xrandr.

Thanks, that got me on my way. I didn’t have xrandr installed (fresh install didn’t have it), so I installed that and then could do the rest, for the current session. Now I have to make it permanent and I’ll be good.

I have one question, is this just a virtual machine issue, so would I need to do this on a bare metal install as well.

i dont know if youn have libvirt installed, you could try to enable libvirt-quest service file.
systemctl enable libvirt-guest

virtual and bare metal could always 2 different science. i used virt-manager with qemu, mostly i had to change te resolution but didnt took a specifik, but when i selected it stays as for the desktop mayby the displaymanager was nog as liking but display of desktop saved the resolution but i didnt take a specik just what fit :slight_smile:

I have libvirt installed, but starting libvirt-guest didn’t seem to help. But I did add the following to my /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d directory and it added the modeline I wanted when I start endeavourOS:

Create a monitor configuration file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d
vi 10-monitor.conf

added this:

section “Monitor”
Identifier "Virtual-0 "
Modeline “2560x1440_60.00” 312.25 2560 2752 3024 3488 1440 1443 1448 1493 -hsync +vsync
Modeline “3840x2160_60.00” 712.75 3840 4160 4576 5312 2160 2163 2168 2237 -hsync +vsync
Option “PreferredMode” “2560x1440_60.00”

Thanks again!
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May I hitch a ride on this topic? I am considering buying a new 24" QHD Monitor. I have tried out my computer (arch/endeavouros xfce4) on a 4K monitor and the arch wiki advice works OK (with additional adjustments). Does anyone know how a 2560x1440 monitor would look on xfce4? Will it just work or are there adjustments to be made?

Thanks in advance.

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The native 100% resolution will make the fonts/icons too small. You may have to use the “Force DPI” in the font settings. The default value is 96. 120 value will make things better and everything will be scaled perfectly. You can go up ( using 140 value) if the fonts are still small since it is a 24". :slight_smile:

Thank you. With the true 4K (3840x2160), in xfce4 you select the window scaling to ‘2’ but this would seem not to be necessary in QHD (2560x1440). The font DPI has to be changed whenever you move away from 1920x1080, so that’s no problem. In Linux, 4K means fiddling with quite a lot of settings and I was wondering if getting a QHD monitor might offer clearer text with not too much extra hassle. The monitors are a little cheaper as well.

Deepin is the best DE when it comes to fractional scaling from my experience. Everything else is kind of “hit-and-miss”. You just need to adjust the scaling factor in the deepin sidebar settings, sign out and sign back in. No additional fiddling needed. No fuzzy or pixelated fonts. Everything will look crisp and sharp.

what DE is installed from ISO?


Deepin is Chinese, isn’t it? Haven’t there been some worries about the security aspects of Deepin?


should be installed by default, or do you mean arandr?

The reply to my question suggested xrander, which was not installed, but did solve my problem. arandr looks like it would do the same because it’s an xrandr gui, because it would require xrandr to be installed to work, but present a graphical interface. either xrandr alone or arandr solves the problem I think.