2020 Oryx Pro , 1 month later!

First off , I was needing a new laptop to replace an older cheap AMD powered laptop . It was only to be used short term untill a new sysytem was built or a laptop purchased .

Decided I did not want a destop , as a laptop was better suited . It would be connected HDMI to big screen-tv . It would be used mainly for entertainment . Surfing , Kodi , Simple gaming , etc.
It needed a 17 inch screen , needed to be quiet , yet have the ability to do anything i wanted .
I wanted a desktop replacement with the ability to take anywhere . Close lid and go ! .

I wanted a complete modern clean looking laptop that would work fully with Linux . Better yet come pre-installed with Linux . I no longer believed in todays world that I should have to convert a Windows machine to a Linux machine .

As a 20+ year Linux user , I just want everything to work with Linux , no head-aches , I was worried ! Can I find this with quality ! Can I have the latest hardware ?

After catching up with the times , and a lot of research . Changing my choice several times , I decided to go with the new 2020 System76 Oryx Pro .

One month later ! Wow ! Everything works perfect with Endeavour . Best set-up I’ve ever had . This Oryx Pro running Endeavour is a match made in heaven . After a short distro-hop session , I discovered My selection was limited with the latest hardware . Although PopOS is good , I was moving away from Ubuntu . After Christmas of this year , I discovered Endeavour . I fell in love ! After recieving my Oryx Pro and enjoying PopOS for a week , it was still Ubuntu . So I wanted to see if my new love would work on this Oryx Pro . It was flawless , and with the great help from this friendly forum , things were running perfect .

EndeavourOS running KDE on this Oryx Pro has provided me with the best user experience to date . It’s been perfect !

A Special THANK YOU to the EndeavourOS Team . You have provided Me with not only the easiest Install and Set-up , but the ability to have and run the latest hardware available . You ROCK !


Thanks for getting back to us with your experience on this hardware with EndeavourOS. I know i spoke to you in the beginning and I’m glad it has worked out so well. We also had another user interested in a new Linux laptop looking at the System76. So this is good news as he was looking for someone with experience & knowledge on this hardware. Hopefully this gets his attention.


Thank You Ricklinux ! You were part of my great experience .