2012 Macbook Pro screen display can't be altered

I’m running EndeavourOS on my 2012 Macbook Pro (It has an Intel 4000 GPU) and it is brilliant. I was just wondering if anyone knows if there are any better updated Linux graphics drivers I could install. (I.E the screen display can’t be altered and the keyboard backlight stays on etc.

In general this environment and distro is my fav of all time :slight_smile:

Any information would be really welcome :star_struck:


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you can return

inxi -Fza
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Have you tried searching for existing topics related to MacBooks by using the forum search tool?
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I have an early 2011 Macbook Pro, still running on High Sierra (MacOS 10.13) which doesn’t receive any more security updates.

I once managed to install Ubuntu 20.04-Lts on it with refind, but it somehow got destroyed in the process of setting up a non-extant rescue partition for the MacOS. Afterwards I didn’t want to go through the hastle all over again, as of yet.

Did you use refind, too, and do you stlll dual-boot with MacOS, or has it become a Linux-Only 'puter by now?!

Before I forget: Could this post potentially solve your issue?

I just used rtcher to flash a iso to my external usb drive. Held down option key at startup and selected the drive installed direct to mac from live boot up.

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should work out of box

i have 2011 (i7) Macbook Pro (HD Graphics 3000 ) same 2011 Macmini

  • 2015 Air ( HD Graphics 6000) all work out box ( no dual boot on all ) :blush:

also have 2012 i7 Macbook Pro it in bit atm ( no working ) :fearful:

if remember right @lxnauta also have 2012 ( working)

this might help
"https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Mac#Keyboard_backlight "

EDit… I answer post on 2011 i7 Pro .

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no real need for refind… like said above " power on then hold down option key " pick what want to boot from


Mine is a MacBook Pro Late 2011 2.4 GHz Core i5 (I5-2435M), MacBookPro8,1.

Well, was… I gave it as a present. Sometimes I repent giving it, it was quite a piece of machinery.

The keyboard backlight always worked (on/off, and intensity) with every distro that I threw at it.

What made a difference in fan noise and performance was to replace the thermal paste.