2 Windows boot managers after installing Endeavouros


I have 2 drives on my laptop, one that is 2TB that I plan to have Endeavouros on and another that is 1TB that I have Windows 11 on. For some reason everytime I download Arch or an Arch based distro and I go into my bios I see that windows has made a boot manager on the drive that has linux on it (2TB) while also having the original boot manager on my 1TB drive. How am I able to remove the boot manager that windows keeps on making on my 2TB drive?

Having the 2nd boot manager does not effect my windows or linux build but it is annoying to see when I start my bios. Does the systemd bootloader display a second windows boot manager in order to allow the option to boot into windows 11 when the systemd bootloader shows up or is this windows causing this problem?

Yes, our installer does that to support dual-boot from within systemd-boot.

You can delete it but then you will lose the ability to boot Windows from the systemd-boot menu.

if that’s the case then I won’t delete it. Thanks for the help!

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