1st time install/how to install network card

Hi. finally taking the linuxpill to distance myself from the tech giants. Don’t have any experience with linux but feel am pretty competent with computers in general.

I’m wanting to give a clean install on the hardrive that windows is on currently. this means deleting the windows partition. so once i have installed EndeavorOS, i wont have internet as a physical ethernet connection is not available in my apartment block, so wifi it is. I will have to install a driver for my network card (they have a linux version). The only problem is i suspect it isn’t going to be a simple .exe like windows.

i’m sure this is a very simple step. but i do not have any other devices and want to be able to connect to the internet 100% once i do the install.


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first of all, welcome to purple side of linux! :enos_flag:

you have wifi connection in live mode?

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Simplest method would be to first boot to the live endeavouros iso and see if you can connect to a wifi network without drivers, if so, then you won’t need to install them at all. If you do in fact need drivers, it would be helpful if you could link them here so we can take a look at what kind of installer it is. Odds are it will be something simple, and all you have to do is alter permissions with chmod+x filename and execute it with ./filename.

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As other already said, the USB installer stick that you need to create will help you all the way.
With that you (most likely) will have an internet connection, and if anything must be downloaded, it should just work.

But first you must do is test that the USB installer has an internet connection (wired or wireless, depending on your hardware). And note that your phone can potentially provide an internet connection via USB tethering or via wifi.

How to create the USB installer

See this: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/installation/create-install-media-usb-key/2021/03
In the end of the article you’ll find some recommended Windows programs.

EDIT: Note that you can create a dual boot with Windows as well. Or, if you have spare a disk, you can remove the Windows disk and plug in the spare disk and install EndeavourOS to that.
There are many possible installing scenarios, depending on your hardware.

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in 98,98% you will not need to install any drivers manually on linux… there are some cases where hardware is very new or … it is such crappy windows hardware where a firmware works around non-working hardware :wink: … to let it work on windows


I’ve never had any issues trying to install using wifi and when I have I’ve done and offline install and switched desktop environments after installing. I think the only errors I came across where ones I was making

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