10-bit color, Wide Color Gamut not working properly

Self-explanatory. I’m using KDE Plasma 6 on Wayland. There’s horrible color banding everywhere that’s telltale of an 8-bit color depth. So I tested it out with some gradients and the 10-bit gradient produced the same number of bands as the 8-bit gradient. Moreover, kscreen-doctor reports my display to be wide color gamut incapable while in reality it is. Both these features work as intended on Windows 11, thus my GPU and display are capable of 10-bit wide color gamut. Please help me get these to work properly.

https://0x0.st/XbG4.txt Here’s my system information.

It would also be nice if anyone could recommend me a program that lets me create an ICC profile without the requirement of a color sensor (as only want to reduce gamma and increase saturation).

kde color management doesn’t list my display for some reason.