1/10 network speed vs other Linux and Windows

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using EndeavourOS for about 1,5 years now and am very happy with it. Thanks for the great work!

Recently, the network speed on my Endeavour installation dropped to about 500-800kb/s, though and I’m having trouble finding a solution.

I have a windows 10 installation on another drive in the same computer and it achieves 8-13mb/s.

An Ubuntu live installation also gets normal speeds at 8-13mb/s.

No other device on my network has this problem.

The issue can be observed with both Ethernet and Wifi and also across different Wifi networks (I tested with my phone’s hotspot).

To make things even weirder, local traffic works flawlessly. I tried downloading files from a Raspberry Pi on the local network
and got normal speeds.

Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?

I used speed.hetzner.de for testing.

Best regards

Hi @alteredstate and welcome to EnOS’ community!

Please help those who are able to help you by providing some info. Here is…

Good luck with the troubleshooting!


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Thanks for the warm welcome and heads up @pebcak

Here is my info:

Hardware information
inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host

Boot log
journalctl -b -0

Please feel free to request further info, if this doesn’t help.

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Have you tried other sites to test it also? I don’t find the speed on this site very fast compared to other sites on my fast connection.

I test my connection speed in the terminal

sudo pacman -S speedtest-cli


Terminal-centric, you know :wink: :sweat_smile:

I’ve observed the problem with other Internet traffic as well. First note I took was actually pacman -Syu being slow. The problem also became evident on speedtest.net.

I found the solution myself just now and feel a bit dumb, frankly. I have several VPN connections that are all inactive by default. NetworkManager was showing no active connection in the GUI. It said “VPN off”.
On the CLI though, I just now found one connection marked as active! As soon as I deactivated it, everything was back to normal.

If anyone has an idea where this drift between NetworkManager’s actual state and GUI comes from, I’m all ears. Maybe it’s just one of NetworkManagers many quirks… :melting_face:

Thanks again for your time and sorry for posting a layer 8 problem.


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