0 A.D. Anyone?

Has/Does anyone play 0 A.D., is it any good was thinking about trying it?


I like it. I don’t play it that often (I don’t play ANY games that often), but I do enjoy it once in a while.


Same here. I also play it very rarely (because it’s so hard to fight against the petra-bot), but if you like this kind of games, you can’t go wrong with 0.ad.

I used to love Age of Empire like games, but I fear my age is showing, as all that hectic combat is a little too much for me these days. I very much prefer turn-based combat, or pausable gameplay these days. Hell, FPS were something I loved. Counter strike being the go to. Recently I installed it through steam. Started it up, got nostalgic, joined a game… Got dead. Next game, got dead. Different server, got dead. Never even saw it coming.

I fear I might have lost something…

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It’s not just you. I used to gamble on things that I no longer have the nerve to do. WoW, 18 hours at a stretch … Today I would not even come close to a boss … :frowning:

Agreed on petra-bot. It would e a more fun game if they had an AI that had a level that was a bit easier to beat while not trying to do 20 things at once every moment of the game.

Can you play multiplayer, would i be able to play against my son?

Woah, I don’t know why but I thought it was a pixellated rough looking game, this looks visually stunning!


When it was FIRST made, it was, but that was over a decade ago…

AS far as multiplayer, it supports it, but I don’t know how well it works.

I guess I was thrown off by the 33 Mb install size on the “app store” lol

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Yes multiplayer works really well; I have 3 linux boxen running it so my kids and I can battle it out. The AI is way too hard, but otherwise the graphics and gameplay kicks AOE3’s butt.

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30mb installed size , 0ad-data installed size 2000mb :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the game but to play when i got short in time no because your easy an hour further

unless i use giftfromthegods :slight_smile:
or ilikepizza

when i got 15minutes to spare i use megaglest on mega dificulty stil cannot win haha

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