ZUI - Zoomable User Interfaced file manger Eagle

Just thought this is interesting.


The best part of the video is @3:32:

Now I can guarantee someone is gonna say “What in the world is the point of a zoomable interface? This is just inherently slower than doing stuff with a GUI.” and what I have to say to you is: I guarantee, when GUIs were first being introduced there were people who thought the exact same thing, who were used to doing stuff with a CLI interface.

Yes, and they were right. :slight_smile: CLI file management is superior to GUI file management.

Of course, there are areas in which GUI is superior to CLI (like drawing programs and video editors, software that relies on visual cues), but that doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to force GUI for everything. Same thing with this new “ZUI” stuff. I can imagine it working better for some very specific applications (I can’t really think of any, but they might exist, who knows… I know file management is certainly not one of them).

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That is BLOAT

That zooming is making me feel seasick, and I’m not even at sea!! :face_vomiting: