Zoom - which way?

I find myself in need (once, I think) of the capability to make a Zoom call. I am aware of a number of ways I could get it, but am unsure of which might be the simplest and easiest to use! I have an important call to make, after which I will probably uninstall it unless something unexpected comes up.

I would even be willing to (shudder) enable snaps if need be - it is THAT important to have it working!

Any tips on easily finding out how it works, and likely troubleshooting requirements (youtube? - tutorials?) would also be appreciated. Just trolling about out there searching (or researching?) could be a real time sink! Not something I see being cost-effective for a one-time use.

Thanks in advance :thinking:

Why installing it in the first place?
Launching Zoom from a web browser


Exactly the kind of thing I don’t know about! Off to investigate…

first to try is always using web-app in browser… so you do not need to mess with installing electron desktop application…

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Don’t know what to mark as a solution - it seems that the best for me MIGHT be to run a phone (or tablet) app instead - that way I get a camera too! Maybe this won’t be such an ‘out of the loop’ moment after all…maybe.

I guess @Trekkie00 gets the nod - that led me to the app alternative :grin:

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I’m sure, your camera (e.g. webcam) would work too, if using the browser on your desktop. :wink:

Assuming that a camera in a phone or tablet could be hooked into the computer, as I have never needed a webcam (did I mention that I’m ‘older’ :grin: - nothing to see here!)

I think that as my tablet has 2 cams, and a nearly 10" screen, that it will be best bet for this ‘adventure’…

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