Zen kernel randomly downgraded?

Not sure when exactly this happened, but I believe that it was in the last couple of days.

I noticed this first on a second pc that I don’t actively use, and generally only wake it up to run my Plex media server. While updating that PC last night I noticed the kernel was updating to an older one, to version 6.1.11, and it showed that it was updating from 6.1.10 to that. I just assumed that something might have broke with the system.

Just now though on my main system, that I use every single day, I decided run the uname -r command just to see what kernel my system’s rockin, and it shows that I’m also using the zen kernel 6.1.11, instead of the 6.1.18 (or 19) that I definitively recall it using at some point this past week. I tried using the terminal to download and reinstall the zen kernel & its headers, but they showed the same version (6.1.11) that they were reinstalling.

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Here is the history for that package. It has never been 6.1.18.

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Ignore that, I realized that just now when I looked at their github and looked at the releases.

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Not sure where I got .18 and so on from.

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