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Hello to all my fellow EndeavorOS travelers, or any other distro come to that.I have used Debian based distros for a number of years, but after buying a new PC a year ago, found that some websites just didn’t connect .
I then thought I’d give a go to something different. Enter EndeavourOS. It all just works.
Little bit of goggling on how to get my scanner working (at least 5 minutes) and now everything works.
One happy camper to be fully back in the land of Linux.
Hopefully as I learn more about Arch based distro I’ll be able to contribute.
Ah, the greeting in the subject line is because I live of the Isle of Man, and that’s how you say hello to anyone :smile:


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum @Paulh :enos: :enos_flag:

Hi Paulh :wave:

Glad to see your tailoring everything to your needs :+1:
I wish you the best and greatest experience with this great OS, as free and “libre” programs are becomming more and more important :penguin:

Looking forward to read great posts about your new machine and how it gives you good service. :smiley:


Welcome @Paulh
I’m on Linux since 2000, used lots of distros, and I have distrohopped like crazy in 2021/2022 till I settled on Arch as I found it the best then settled finally for over a year now on EndeavourOS, the best of the best!
There is nothing like it in all my Linux life

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Welcome @Paulh :enos_flag:

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome traveler!

There’s a good chance you might be our first Linux user in the Isle (that we know of)! There’s roughly 90k people if I remember. Great to have you with us! Every day’s a learning experience, on your own terms and with a machine you truly own, not rent or subscribe to.

Enjoy the journey!

Hi and welcome to the forum @Paulh

Can you create a step-by-step post about the scanner model and how to get it working? That will help future users, and make EndeavousOS even more user friendly.

Step 1:
Make sure you have ink in your scanner.


No, seriously:

It’s the current year.

Welcome @Paulh to :enos:-Forum!