YouTube videos not working

Here’s the deal, after the latest update none of my browsers play video from youtube. Plex plays video just fine on the browser and so does instagram. Only youtube seems to be the problem.

Seems to be the same everywhere. Does not work in Sweden either.


This has nothing to do with EOS, it affects everyone. Something is wrong with YouTube!

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I thought youtube-dl was borked, another round in the endless game of whack-a-mole … but YouTube itself is borked?

Yep … quick internet search and apparently a YouTube outage is big news.

Another benefit of youtube-dl … now I can watch stuff I’ve previously acquired.

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YouToube is borked, and the servers are down. They’re tweeting that they are working on it.


youtube is working fine for me and has been for the past 3 hours at least.

YouTube works for me now too.

I just installed ad block extension on Brave and YT seems to be working now. I suggest you guys update/reinstall your adblockers.

It has nothing to do with it. There was something wrong with YouTube only!


YouTube is/has been down worldwide. Nothing to do with adblockers. Also, not an EnOS issue.


It’s working fine on my mobile phone in chrome.

They’re currently too busy with deep fake calibration and censorship, stay tuned :rofl:


It’s been working fine for me.

YT’s working fine for me.

Only some trailers on are showing the same error. I thought this happens coz of “Arrr mateys!” :slight_smile:

When was that? I was watching YT all day yesterday and today as well. Must’ve been in the few hours I was out running errands.

It was all over various news sites yesterday.

etc. etc. :wink:

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LOL I’m not most people!

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Who is most people? Oh…those people! :laughing:

Edit: The ones trying you tube at the time. :upside_down_face:

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I’m having trouble with YouTube again. I will not access my account:

I have checked so email is correct and everything.

Oh come on!
Censorship takes time…Give them some time :rofl:


All of Youtube is down atm. Most Google-related things are having issues.

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