YouTube is just black

Hej frens,
every time I open up YouTube my startpage shows up as normal but when I wanna start watching a video it shows up for a split second and then the screen turns black. Am I the only one, or is that a general bug? Did I hectically misconfigure something? How will I get my Toobz back?

Thx for gracious help :hugs:

Does this happen on multiple different browsers?

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Are you using an adblocker? I remember YouTube recently changed something that videos won’t show when using one.

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If it’s a new install, don’t forget to go into settings and allow DRM content to play.

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Didn’t test, just reinstalled the system. Everything good now.

Yes, uBlockOrigin, was never a problem.

Yeah, it’s Google either forcing you to watch the ads or get Youtube Premium.

No, was quite old Manjo install. I just reinstalled the system, all good now.